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V International Guitar Competition

Ferdinando Carulli”

Rome, June 1 – 2, 2013



The competition will take place on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2, June 2013 in Rome, at the “National Museum of Early Middle Ages” (Viale Lincoln 3) and will be divided into two stages:

Preliminary and Final

The competition has no age limits and it is open to guitarists of all nationalities. Dedicated to soloists and chamber musicians (guitar duo, singer / guitar, violin / guitar, viola and guitar; alto / guitar; piano / guitar. Trio or Quartet, guitar and strings). You can enter the competition either as soloists and chamber musicians. Competitors must present themselves with valid identity papers at 10:30 of June 1 at the Library of National Museum of Early Ages to the draw order of performance. Before execution, competitors will present to the Board a copy of the compositions to be performed and a valid ID. Winners are required to attend the award ceremony and the final concert, otherwise they will not receive the prize.


1st Category: Soloists

2nd Category: Chamber Music


1st and 2nd category:

a) a composition chosen from the works of F. Carulli.

b) a free program lasting 10 minutes.


1st and 2nd category:

a) a free program lasting 15 minutes.

The compositions must be taken from the original repertoire for guitar to the twenty-first century. Will also be accepted transcripts from the tablature for Renaissance guitar, vihuela, lute, Baroque guitar and transcripts from I. Albèniz and E. Granados.
The original compositions for guitar, Renaissance, Baroque guitar and vihuela can be performed on philological instruments. T
he nineteenth-century repertoire will be played with romantic guitar. The compositions played in Eliminatory can be repeated in the Final.

Competition Program

Preliminary. June 1 at 10:30 at the Library of National Museum of Early Ages: call and, following, the test.

Final. June 2 at 10:30 at the Library of National Museum of Early Ages: performance finalists, announcement of the winners.

Concert of the winners and award ceremony: June 2, 18:00 at the hall with “Opus Sectile Porta Marina” of National Museum of Early Ages.


The entry form must be sent by e-mail or mail by May 24, 2013.
The entry form must be accompanied by: a program that the candidate intends to perform, a curriculum vitae, photocopy of a valid identification document, a copy of payment of the fee. The admission will be communicated for e-mail or post when “The Organization” verifies the validity and conformity of documents and information required.

Registration fee

The registration fee is € 40.00 for the soloists, € 25.00 (apiece) for the room and you can pay by bank transfer on c/c (indicated on the entry form) of the Cultural Association Totemtanz.

Soloists Category Prizes

Ferdinando Carulli’s 1st Prize:
E 400,00 and the certificate

Ferdinando Carulli’s 2nd Prize:
E 200,00 and the certificate

Ferdinando Carulli’s 3rd Prize:
The certificate.

Chamber Music Category Awards

Ferdinando Carulli’s 1st prize:
E 400,00, concert and the certificate

Ferdinando Carulli’s 2nd prize:
E 200,00 and the certificate

Ferdinando Carulli’s 3rd prize:
The certificate

Giancarlo Matone Award
Solo or chamber ensemble: € 400.00.

The winners will hold a concert on June 2 at 18:00 at the room with “Opus Sectile di Porta Marina” of the “National Museum of Early Ages”.

The Jury

The jury – composed of teachers Domenico Ascione, Giuliano Balestra, Roberto Laneri, Fabio Sartori, Eleonora Vulpiani – judge according to an arithmetical points at the end of each test. This score is obtained by averaging the ratings given by each member. This will be the average of points awarded by each individual judge, excluding the highest and the lowest. The Jury may require competitors to repeat one or more pieces. The Final Judgement delivered by the jury is final. If a competitor shows a pupil of a Juror, the latter will be excluded from the debate and vote. The vote of the jury will be attached and will correspond to the average of scores given to this by the members of the jury.

Privacy Policy

According to D.lgs. 196/2003, the personal data provided for the registration of the Competition, will be retained and used for finality inherent in the enrollment and participation in the competition and to the sending of informative material. Communication and diffusion of the data can only be for the finality indicated. The provision of data is required for participation in the Competition. The data will be processed by any responsible and/ or agents for that purpose indicated.
All stages of the competition are public and can be diffused by television. Participants in the competition give up right now and definitely to any rights, including protective economic, that may arise from the distribution of their video/audio recordings, from diffusion on television or online, recognizing that all rights to this material belongs to an exclusive organization (Ass. Cult. Totemtanz). Filling out the registration form and sending it, implies the unconditional acceptance of all standards established by this Regulation. For any dispute, the competent Court is that of Rome.

The management reserves the right to make changes to the present regulation, which will promptly reported to competitors via e-mail and indicated on the website of the competition.

All rounds of the competition are public. It can therefore be free to attend performances of the participants.







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